It all started with a race. I had never run a full mile in my life, and I did not understand what motivated people to run, aside from a bear following close behind. Then, in an impulsive moment, I registered for my first ever half marathon.

A coworker provided me with a 12 week training plan. I attempted my first run, and then  a few weeks later, overcame my anxiety and attended my first group run. I met the incredible women in my local running club – Sioux Falls Women Run, 1.6k women strong and growing – and suddenly, I started gaining confidence in what I was doing. I realized that I loved running. I was not fast, graceful, or particularly “athletic”, but I truly loved it.

I completed the Sioux Falls Half Marathon on September 11, 2016. Soon after, I completed my first full marathon and first trail race. Since then, I have truly fallen for the trails, and they are where you will usually find me. I am currently training for a 100 mile race in fall 2018.

Read this blog to follow along on my journey, from race reports and gear reviews to every day training and nutrition. I am always reading, listening, and trying to learn in an effort to grow as a runner, a conservationist, and a human. I’m also a total weirdo dog-obsessed comic-reading video game-playing goofball, so don’t worry – I’m not capable of being too serious.